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Welcome To Amisk Christian Fellowship

We are a Spirit-filled Church. Affiliated with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies of Canada

Welcome to our church.

Sunday morning service starts at 10:30am. 

We believe in family worship so we encourage families to worship together, we value all people, and we love families, so  we understand that life is sometime messy, kids are kids.  

Our   Children’s ministry starting at 11:10 with the children being demised from the service for their times’s of worship either upstair’s in the junior classroom or downstairs for the grades 1-6.

Throughout the week different ministries are happening, so give us a shout and we can connect you with the right ministry.

We also offer all the same ministry online. If you are on Facebook, We encourage you to follow the church page to stay update on things that are happening, our Sunday morning messages will also to be posted as per usual.

For more information

Phone 780-856-3838

or email Pastor Paul Dyck:

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